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Slum Life in Mumbai with
Miss Benson

During the summer break our Drama and Media teacher Miss Benson spent time in the largest slum in the world teaching children basic English.

Here is Miss Benson's report of her experiences there:

"This summer, I set off on my journey and headed to Mumbai, Delhi, Shimla and Goa. We were lucky enough to visit Delhi on Independence Day and immersed ourselves into the festivities and the fantastic celebrations around the India Gate.

On my travels, I stopped by a School called Parva School located in Jaipur. Their sole mission is to help some of the poorest communities in Jaipur overcome poverty and discrimination through free education and health care. They are located in the slums and help the children to read, write and understand basic maths skills.

Parva means fulfilment and they strive to ensure the students live fulfilled lives. I helped develop the students’ self-esteem and self-worth to empower them for now and the future. From what started off with one man, nine years ago teaching children and their Mothers around a tree has now outgrown its roots. There are now over 85 children, crammed into a tiny building. They are desperate for funds and volunteers. So…..that is exactly what I am going to do. I am raising money for them and will also be going to work there for three months, when I have finished my Masters and the summer term has ended.

These children captured my heart and soul. I cleaned them, fed them and also taught them. Every year I volunteer whilst on my travels. However, this was by far the most captivating experience yet. The people of India are so warm and kind. They suffer from excessive discrimination, towards their caste. I hope I can have an impact however small it may be. I can imagine I might not be able to come home after a few months of working alongside them."

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