Bingley Grammar School

School Uniform Bank

As we head towards the end of the year, some students may have outgrown their uniform and/or, in the Year 11s case, no longer need it!

Dates coming upWe are lucky to have in our area the Shipley School Uniform Bank, which is now asking for donations of uniform and sports kit.

We also realise for some families it can be hard to provide uniform, therefore if you feel you need support you can approach your child’s year team to gain more support through a referral to the School Uniform Bank.

The School Uniform Bank says, “Our aim is to reduce the financial burden on local families whilst promoting recycling and reuse, by collecting and re-distributing school uniforms and associated items in good condition to those experiencing financial hardship.”

The Shipley School Uniform Bank will be running drop ins and pop up shops throughout July. The uniform bank will be closed over summer so if you are in need of help please contact the school (or attend one of the drop-ins) before the end of term for us to put you in touch with them.

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