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Yr 7 Scientists take up the
'Bright Ideas Challenge'

Mrs Waddington asked her Yr 7 Science group to solve the problem set by the oil company Shell.

The Bright Ideas Challenge asks students to answer one of the most important questions of modern times: to devise innovative and clean solutions that could power cities of the future.

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The class was split into groups randomly and given 3 x 50 minute lessons to complete their entry.

The groups were asked to:

  • write 200 words explaining the problem
  • write 300 words explaining their solution
  • create a prototype/drawings/short film to explain their work

The teams really enjoyed working on the problem and developed valuable collaborative skills throughout the process, working together on CAD drawings and movies out of school hours.

Their ideas range from; a gym to power the city, footpaths that create power by connecting to microchips in shoes, doors that create energy when opened and closed, sensors in the home which remind you to turn power off when you leave or things and not in use, bioluminescence and wind power.

The applications were sent off to Shell on Friday and Mrs Waddington is extremely pleased with the ideas and work they have put into the project.

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The winning teams win cash prizes for their schools to go towards STEM activities and also the opportunity to go to London and see their ideas made into prototypes.

Well done to our teams and we’ll keep our fingers crossed for you all!

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Yr 7 Shell Enery Comp 01 web

Yr 7 Shell Enery Comp 05 web

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