Bingley Grammar School

Mission accomplished!

Our Rocket Science experiment is now complete and the results are in!

Our rocket scientists measured germinaton and growth of the seeds comparing the two groups, red and blue.

By looking at the results of our measurements the red seeds have grown more sucessfully: out of the 100 seeds more seeds have germinated and plants are larger with more leaves.

Our rocket scientists have therefore concluded that the blue seeds were the seeds which spent time on the International Space Station with British astronaut Tim Peake.

Our rocket science data has been sent to the Royal Horticultural Society to analyse along with all other schools data to get an overall picture of the effects of zero gravity on plant life. This information will ultimately be sent to Nasa once it has been correlated enabling us to contribute to the global scientific understanding of growing plants in space!

This was an amazing opportunity for our school community and our students have loved taking part in this mass experiment.

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