Bingley Grammar School

Road Safety Assemblies

At the beginning of the week Mr Atkinson held assemblies for Years 7-10 focussing on road safety.

Mr Atkinson spoke about the tragic accident just before Christmas where a Beckfoot student lost her life crossing the road. He also told students about an accident outside our school where a student was knocked over sustaining serious injury to his leg only the week before.

Mr Atkinson stressed how important it is to think about what you are doing when near the road and when crossing the road – each of us has to make sure we are safe and looking after ourselves. Drivers obviously have a responsibility but they can only do so much.

He asked students to:

  1. Use the pelican or zebra crossing to cross the main road
  2. Where there is no crossing ensure you look left and right before crossing
  3. Walk sensibly 
  4. Do not use your mobile phone/headphones while crossing a road

Finally Mr Atkinson asked students who are dropped off and/or collected by car to speak to their parent/carers about parking responsibly (and legally) and driving carefully especially near to the school because we all have a responsibility to keep our students, pedestrians and other road users safe and we hope we can all work together on this.

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