Bingley Grammar School

Rebekah Tiler has been in the news again

c4416d79eef6dd018bcee3cd8b8ba561_XLFollowing on from the last news story on Rebekah Tiler's weightlifting success, Rebekah has become a bit of a celebrity!

She has been appearing on BBC Sport (4th July), Radio 5 Live (3rd July) and Blue Peter. On Nicky Campbell's radio show Rebekah challenged Nicky to an arm wrestle - watch the video to see who won by clicking the link below:

A camera crew also came into school recently and filmed this video which is now on YouTube:

We also received a call from The One Show so watch out for Rebekah appearing on the show in the future.

We are very proud of Rebekah's achievements and hope all this fame doesn't go to her head!

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