Bingley Grammar School


Railway and Train Safety Assemblies

Yesterday morning our Years 7, 8 and 9 students all listened to an important message about keeping safe around the railway lines by the British Transport Police.

We welcomed Gemma, Ruth and Pete from the Leeds Neighbouring Policing Team into school who spoke about staying safe, trespassing, anti-social behaviour and the danger of electricution.

The video they showed and talk were hard-hitting - the team talked about the dangers of the electricity overhead and in the third rail on the tracks and also about the gravel surrounding the tracks which can behave like sinking sand when walked on.

The overall message was that the British Transport Police want everyone to behave sensibly, stay away from the tracks and remain safe when using the trains or crossing at level crossings.

Lastly Pete spoke to our students about Mental Health explaining how the majority of their working day is taken up with concerns for welfare and helping vulnerable people. Pete reminded everyone to talk about how they are feeling and get help if struggling with dark thoughts or thoughts of self harm. Pete recommended a text app called Shout (, Mind ( and also the Samaritans ( tel: 116123) who can help anyone in need of support in a crisis.

Thank you to the Neighbourhood Policing Team for their time and helping to keep our students safe.

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