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RAF Education Roadshow

This morning our Yr 8 and Yr 9 students were treated to an hour of STEM demonstrations presented by the RAF Education Roadshow.

Students were talked through the physics of flight, discussing each of the four forces of flight and demonstrating how all four were connected and could be calculated to require minimum fuel/power.

Did you know out of 38,000 people in the RAF only 2,000 are pilots? The RAF team -Vanessa, Louise and Matt - discussed the many and varied roles within the RAF, including doctors, medics, musicians, photographers, and a large number of engineers. They also emphasised how many women were part of the RAF team working as pilots, engineers and in all sectors of the force.  

We learned about the Romanian physicist and aerodynamics pioneer Henri Coandă whose discovery ‘the Coandă effect’ is now used in jet engines. He was the first to recognize the practical application of the phenomenon in aircraft development.

The team explained how Virtual Reality (VR) was helping the RAF with training simulations – both flight simulations and mechanical engineering simulations where dangerous situations can be artificially created. One lucky student was able to experience a VR rollercoaster simulation whilst the students watched the rollercoaster on the screen as well as her comical reactions.

Finally the team demonstrated a real jet engine which needed to be put outside the main hall to avoid a whole year group being deafened and the fumes setting off the smoke alarms!

The presentation was both entertaining and inspirational and gave students an idea of how subjects such as Science, Maths and Technology can be used in the work place.

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RAF Education Roadshow

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