Bingley Grammar School

Yr 6 Primary Science Days

Yesterday we welcomed students from Eldwick Primary into school to take part in the first of our annual Primary Science Days 'Cow Do You Do?'

The primary students took part in group discussions, experiments and practicals explaining the importance of Genetics and DNA.

In groups the children spent time measuring and noting down their eye colour, hair colour, feet size and height, amongst other things, to create a fact sheet based on their own features. They then worked on their own DNA identity cards complete with fingerprint and special ‘Bingley code’ name.

To understand more about DNA the children conducted an experiment to extract DNA from a strawberry; made large scale DNA chains and designed their own breed of Cows! Lastly the group created DNA bracelets for a range of animal and plant life. The day engaged students with lots of big ideas and plenty of fun.

Everybody had a great day and we hope we have given the Yr 6 students a good idea of what to expect in their Science lessons next year when they move to their chosen upper schools.

We look forward to welcoming students from Crossflatts Primary and Saltaire Primary next Thursday to take part in our second ‘Cow Do You Do’ day.

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