Bingley Grammar School

Parking Concerns

We have received several messages from local residents voicing their concerns once again about parking on the main road and the side streets around the school site.

It has been brought to our attention that some parents/carers are parking inconsiderately blocking roads and causing disruption at the beginning and especially the end of the school day.

By parking on both sides of our neighbouring side roads the flow of traffic is reduced to one-way and often cars cannot turn into the road due to a queue of cars waiting to pull out onto the main road. This grid-lock situation is a major concern for our emergency services who require accessibility to people’s homes at all times. 

Equally, please do not park on double yellow lines or on pavements blocking access for pedestrians. Pedestrians should not have to walk onto the road to get around your car. When parking generally, please consider the safety of your own children, other students and pedestrians.

Also, to minimise air pollution, we ask that parent/carers waiting to collect their children turn off their engines whilst parked. Engine idling is not only a major contributor to air pollution which in turn affects the health of our children, us and our neighbours but is also illegal whilst stationary. Please do consider this whilst waiting and switch your engine off.

As a school, we are extremely well situated with regular buses running to Keighley and towards Bradford as well as a train station across the road. May we suggest, students and their parent/carers discuss the use of public transport to alleviate the congestion and safety risks.

Please remind your children to be road aware, use crossings where possible and make sure they are crossing roads in a safe manner. We will also be stressing the importance of road safety in year group assemblies.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

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