Bingley Grammar School

Parking Concerns – Castlefields Industrial Estate

Yesterday we were contacted by a business owner on Castlefields Industrial Estate who had just witnessed one of our students almost get run over by a lorry delivering goods to the estate.

The businesses based on the estate have expressed their concern for the safety of our students as parents/carers are parking dangerously to drop off and collect at the beginning and end of the school day.

Castlefields is a working Industrial area which is extremely busy with large Lorries requiring constant access. Please try to avoid parking on Castlefields Industrial Estate.

When parking generally, please consider the safety of your own children, other students and pedestrians. Also, please do not park on pavements blocking access for pedestrians.

We are aware the road becomes extremely busy and parking spaces are limited however the safety of our students, pedestrians and other road users is paramount.

Please remind your children to be road aware, use crossings where possible and make sure to cross all roads in a safe manner.

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