Bingley Grammar School

Parent Pay Update

parent pay logoIf you currently use the online payment system Parent Pay to pay for your child’s school lunches, please be aware that they have recently made changes to their system which affects how payments are processed.

Parent Pay now requires an additional step before the funds are credited to your child’s account.

Under the new system, when you top-up your account with funds, it is no longer automatically credited to your child’s school lunch account. When you top-up the account, it is placed in a holding area which must be allocated to your child’s account. You can do this by clicking on the tab labelled “Pay for Items” underneath your child’s name and selecting school lunches, enter the amount you wish to allocate and click pay. You do not have to allocate the entire balance available.

If you have more than one child on the system, the new design groups all information into a single tab for each child to make payments easier. For example if you have two children, you can top-up your account with £20 and then allocate £10 to each child without making a separate payment transaction.

If you need more information click here to see guidance from Parent Pay.

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