Bingley Grammar School

Our Eco Team has won an award!

In November 2014 we set up the Bingley Grammar School eco-committee to look at how we could improve our schools sustainability. The group is open to all students at Bingley Grammar to join, at all key stages, and currently has members in years 7, 8 & 10. The committee is student led so anyone who wants to come along and share ideas they are more than welcome.

At the beginning of this academic year the eco-committee completed an environmental review covering nine aspects of sustainability – Waste & Recycling; Litter; Energy; Water; Transport; Healthy Living; Biodiversity; School Grounds; Global Citizenship. Having done this the committee formed an action plan for how they can improve our school. For example pupils are in the process of designing posters to go around school to encourage staff and students to switch of lights and projectors when they are not in use, they are also designing stickers to go next to light switches with a similar message.

The work we have done so far has earned us an eco-schools bronze certificate and our next aim is to achieve a silver award. To do this we are looking at projects for next year such as setting up an outdoor learning area and running an energy awareness month.

Come along and get involved!

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