Bingley Grammar School

Best Progress 8 Results Ever!

We are pleased to announce we have gained our best Progress 8 results ever! We are +0.23 Above Average.

We have scored +0.23 which is classed as 'Above Average' in the Government Performance Tables.

Progress 8 Performance Table

Progress 8 is a measure of school performance. It replaces the previous measure of 5A*-C and shows how well pupils of all abilities have progressed, compared to pupils with similar academic starting points in other schools.

Progress 8 is a measure of the progress children make between the end of primary school and the end of secondary school. It’s designed to encourage good quality teaching across a broad curriculum.

Progress 8 is based on students’ performance in eight qualifications. These are English and Maths, up to three subjects from the Ebacc list, and students’ three highest scores from a range of other qualifications, including GCSEs and approved non-GCSEs. English and Maths are given double weighting to reflect their importance. The average Progress 8 score of all secondary schools nationally is 0 and all schools have an equal chance of getting a high Progress 8 score.

Mr Weston said,

"This is a great acknowledgement and reward for all our students and staff after all their hard work last year."

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