Bingley Grammar School

17 May 2018

National Numeracy Day

Yesterday (Wed 16th May) was the inaugural National Numeracy Day which has been developed to increase awareness of the impact numeracy has on people’s lives, especially when they leave school.

Our Year 8 Maths groups were visited by finance experts from KPMG in their maths lessons adding validity to the importance of maths and answering real-life questions.

Our Year 7 have also been taking part in a numeracy trail, spotting and solving some key maths questions around the school site.

Mr Morrissey sent a presentation to all form groups to promote awareness of the importance of numeracy in everyday life which showed a video of 'beautiful maths' and highlighted areas in his own life that benefit from his positive attitude to numbers:

  • being able to understand my percentages helped me get a better deal when buying my house
  • being able to calculate speed, distance and time helps me to stay on track when running
  • understanding proportion helps me to make recipes for different amounts of people
  • understanding statistics allows me to know which media to trust

Form groups were set a competition as well as an individual competition where one student could win a £5 Amazon voucher for finding the largest number on the school site. Get your entries in to Mr Morrissey - good luck!

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