Bingley Grammar School

Music for Youth Competition

Two of our music groups, Saxaphonics and Boo & the Crew, had a fantastic day performing at the National Final of the Music for Youth Festival on Saturday 16 July.

Saxaphonics were praised for their "visual and cleverly choreographed display" which they delivered whilst "projecting their music and placing some tricky off-beat phrases". They were also praised for the great solos within the group, and the judges commented that they felt like they'd been transported to New Orleans!  

Boo & the Crew also received great feedback for their varied programme including a student-composed piece which the judges praised for "it's deep, dark harmonic moments sitting effectively against the dance-like melodic development". They were commended for their "musical maturity, lashings of expression and technical accuracy".

Both groups did Bingley Grammar proud, playing on the same bill as many older, full-time music students and receiving much well deserved applause from their audiences.

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MFY Boo & The Crew Pic