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Music for Youth Competition 2016Drumline MFY Certificate 2016 

On Sunday 20th March, we were proud to watch three separate music groups perform at Music for Youth, a national competition with the chance to perform at the Royal Albert Hall.

Saxophonics led by Yr 10 student Liz Kelly and ex BGS student Emily Overend,
Drumline led by our drum tutor Mark Lewalski, and a chamber group formed especially for the occasion all put on superb performances for the judges.

The groups performed with real intent with the Saxophonics being labelled as ‘professional’ by their judges and Drumline being told they really were ‘so entertaining’.

The chamber group played a piece composed and led by Phillippa Booth in Yr 12 and were told that their "articulation of dynamic changes were effortless and tempos were flowing and elegant."

The groups received written feedback from the judges which can be read here:

>> Bingley Grammar Drumline feedback

 "A very detailed choreography that had lots of great stick tricks and virtuosic patterns."

>> Bingley Grammar Saxophonics feedback

"Your opening ensemble sound was extraordinary"  

>> Bingley Grammar student composition feedback 

The judge was extremely impressed that the group had been student led and said it was a "tribute to their professional attitude".

One judge said of Saxophonics,

'We are always so impressed with student led creativity in this way. Many, many congratulations! You are flying with a thoroughly mature and thoughful group of players'

and of the Bingley chamber group led by Phillipa Booth in Yr 12

"To learn that you have put together your performance under your own steam is also a huge tribute to your professional attitude."

We are extremely proud of all our performers especially the student led creativity displayed at the competition. We await to hear whether the groups have made it to the next round.

We are very much looking foward to the BGS Young Musician of the Year which will be led by Liz Kelly in Yr 10 and Jessica Kelly in Yr 8, with support from other students from the Music department such as Anna Hart in Yr 9 who recently approached Blue Peter at a concert regarding music in schools. Our students never cease to amaze us with their commitment to these events and we are sure it will be a massive success.
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