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Mr Atkinson's Weekly Update

Ethos_3Dear Parents and Carers,

What an amazing school community we have! This week we have seen the very best of our students; they have shown amazing patience as they waited for their tests, outstanding resilience as they did the tests for the first time and magnificent resolve in coming into school after such a long period of time at home completing remote learning and frankly just getting on with it. We would also like to say a massive thank you for remembering to bring and the wearing of their face coverings. They truly showed what it is to Belong, Grow and Succeed. 

During this week Mr Greening, Mr Moore and I delivered virtual welcome back assemblies to all year groups. The resource used for each year group will be released next week as well as details for assessments for Yr11, Yr12 and Yr13. 

Each year group has also begun focusing on their well-being and in particular on what they can control. This is highly important as we want the students to focus on these aspects rather than things they cannot control, and put trust in others to make the decisions needed. For example with Yr 11 we want them to focus on each assessment cycle and not worry about the unknowns because as we have said to them... there won't be any - the assessment will be based on what they have revisited and been taught in the previous two weeks.  

Looking forward to next Monday, we will welcome back the whole school community together, and on Monday morning students will revert back to their normal pre-Christmas routines including their before school bubbles, usual break and lunch times and areas and bubble zones within the school. If your child feels like they are struggling at any point, please contact their year team, their details can be found at the link below:

With regards to struggles, I have struggled with cars parking outside school this week and I have had a couple of near misses when asking people not to park on the double yellow lines and in turn asking children to cross the road. The local police have said they will support us over the next two weeks which will involve ticketing cars parked illegally.  

I wish to end this week's update on a thank you to yourselves for your patience with us this week as we changed start times to the school day to accommodate the continued and new requests for testing. I know for some this did cause further stresses, however, this also meant we tested the vast majority of the school which in turn helps us to make the school community as safe as possible. Finally, with regards to the lockdown, (a word I hope to never hear again) I know whole families have supported with this so a massive thank you to them and you for this.... however, as one young man in Yr 10 said to me this week he was glad to be back at school because his Grandma had been on his shoulder the whole time! For me this encapsulated the teamwork shown in the last 10 weeks and once again thank you for this. 
Mr Atkinson
Assistant Headteacher - KS4 Behaviour and Safeguarding Lead

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