Bingley Grammar School

Natalie Bennett Speaks to Yr 12

At the beginning of the month we were lucky enough to be visited by Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party.

In the morning Natalie Bennett gave a talk to our Yr 12 students on the current situation in politics and urged students to get involved and have their say.

Bennett told students "Politics is something you should do, not have done to you” and explained how the Green Party believes proportional representation would benefit us all as a country.

Students asked pertinent questions about Brexit, Corporation tax, student loans and tuition fees, the House of Lords, climate change, Fracking and nuclear power.

Our students showed their wide knowledge of the issues and proved that age did not limit their interest or understanding.

We would like to thank Natalie Bennett for taking the time to visit us and share her political ideas and opinions with us.

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01 Natalie Bennett with Yr12

02 Natalie Bennett with Yr12