Bingley Grammar School

19 March 2015

Maths revision classes

Maths Year 11 holiday revision in P block.

Maths revision classes are running during the Easter and Spring Bank holidays and also on 5 Saturdays spanning April, May and June. Please see the dates below and try to attend as many as you can.

Yr 11 revision classes during Easter:

Wednesday 8th April, 10am -1pm

Thursday 9th April, 10am -1pm

Friday 10th April, 10am -1pm


Year 11 Saturday revision classes:

Saturday 18th April, 10am -1pm

Saturday 25th April, 10am -1pm

Saturday 9th May, 10am -1pm

Saturday 16th May, 10am -1pm

Saturday 6th June, 10am -1pm


Year 11 revision during Spring Bank (timings to be confirmed):

Thursday 28th May

Friday 29th May

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