Bingley Grammar School

Making Use of Old Text Books

At the end of last term Mrs Brett sorted and packed up a lot of Maths text books which we no longer use.

We try to re-use and repurpose our resources where possible and our Maths teacher, Mr Ninson, suggested the books could be sent to schools in Ghana which don’t have access to textbooks like this.

Mr Ninson initially offered to pay for the shipping of the books but when our Governors heard about the idea they agreed to pay the costs of £450.

The books went to the following schools;

  • Abundant Life Academy, Adenta- Accra, Ghana
  • Teshie Methodist Junior Secondary School, Teshie-Accra, Ghana

Mr Ninson said,

“The books were received with joy and warmth by both students and their teachers.  The schools send their appreciation to the Governors and Bingley Grammar School for the kindness shown to them.”

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03 Students using the books

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