Bingley Grammar School

House Dodgeball

On Tuesday 26th January the Year 7s and 8s gathered after school to join in with this term’s House competition - Dodgeball for all. Girls and Boys alike got involved to battle it out for their House. Points were awarded for the House with the most people staying behind after school to play and each House was really well represented. Altogether a grand total of 89 kids were in the gym doing their bit for their Houses. Miss Iles, Mr Swann, Miss Wales and Mr Wilson were extremely impressed by the turnout.

Two days later on Thursday it was the turn of Years 9 and 10. It was hoped the older year groups would be as enthusiastic as the lower years and the House Captains were thrilled to see 115 students take part! There was such a great buzz in the gym on both nights and it was great to see girls and boys of all ages cheering and encouraging each other. The noise was unreal and equally matched by the effort our students put in. Very impressive!

Our students demonstrated a strong sense of belonging to their Houses and the displays of sportsmanship and team spirit were too many to mention. Confidence grew with each cheer and they all succeeded simply by being there and putting the effort in.

We hope to see as many faces if not more at next term’s house competitions – well done to all that took part. Belong, Grow, Succeed.

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