Bingley Grammar School

House Competitions

Bingley Grammar School has been operating a House System since the 17th Century and it is still an important part of school life.

Students are put into Houses on joining the school in Year 7 and compete in various house competitions throughout the school year. Each student wears a tie with their house colours running through it.

The students and teachers all get behind their Houses and are linked through healthy competition and a sense of belonging to a team. The system particularly rewards involvement in the school's non-academic and after-school events, such as sports and clubs. We also award points for attendance and positive behaviour (achievement points) in school.

This year's house competition timetable is available below. More events will be arranged throughout the year and we try to encourage mass participation in as many events as possible.

House Competition Timetable 2016-17

We look forward to seeing as many students as possible Belonging, Growing and Succeeding throughout this year's competitions.

For more information on our House System click here >>


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