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Year 8's High Adventures

On the last weekend in June, a group of intrepid Yr 8 students and staff headed to High Adventure in Cowling. This was a repeat of the successful trip run the year before which brought even more hilarity as our teaching staff realised how little some Yr 8s do around the house! These comments were heard more than once: 

  • "Where do I put the duvet/quilt cover?"

  • "How do I use a dust pan and brush?" 

A highlight of the weekend was seeing Mr Greening and Mr Langan hauling Aaron Butterfield all the way to the fifth rung on the high ropes, beating the record set by Mr Wright and Mr Weston last year.

There were also award winners over the weekend, some of which were: 

  • Maisie Eccles being commended by High Adventure staff for her positive attitude

  • Khadir Ali awarded for his leadership 

  • Ruby Ashington commended for conquering her fears. 

Overall it was an amazing weekend with the students and staff fully contributing to its success. Our staff were complimented on the behaviour and attitudes of our students and the whole centre was cleaned in record time on the last morning due to the teamwork and togetherness of the group.
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08 High Adventure

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