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One week on from last Thursday's very successful sixth form results' day and Bingley Grammar was braced again for an important set of exam results.

On 25th August 2016 it was time for our KS4 students, and particularly last year's Y11, to find out if all of their hard work over the last two years had paid off and it had.

In spite of all the recent changes made by the government to 'toughen up' GCSE and vocational exams, our students in Y11 managed to significantly improve on the previous years results, with 73% of the cohort achieving A*-C passes in both English and Maths (one of the new measures introduced by the government this year). In fact, it is arguable that these are some of our best ever results as these students did not have the ability to retake these subjects as they have in previous cohorts.

Of course, exam results are about much more than English and Maths, 47% of our students achieved 5 A*-B grades and 77% achieved 5 A*-C grades. The majority of our subjects had high pass rate percentages but special mention must be made of our maths team as 82% of students achieved an A*-C pass in a year when the students had to get 5 marks more for a C grade than in previous years and 12 marks more for an A*/A grade.

Equally importantly, were the results achieved by our Y10 students. I would like to praise our students that studied for their GCSE Geology exam in four half hour sessions per week and achieved an 89% A*-C pass rate in only one year of study. This also highlights how lucky we are as a school to have such amazing staff.

As a result, this KS4 results' day was a happy experience for both our students and staff, it was a real pleasure to see so many of the students meeting and exceeding their personal targets and we look forward to welcoming the majority of them back into our sixth form in September, when the hard work and support will start all over again!

But for now, I'd like to wish all of our students a happy end to the holidays basking in the glow of their well-earned exam successes.

Mr Weston


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