Bingley Grammar School

Two Days of Fun Kitchen

At the beginning of the week we had the pleasure of hosting a 2-day food science cookery event led by the company Fun Kitchen.

Fun kitchen is an award-winning company that teaches students the science behind cookery and healthy eating whilst including practical and traditional cookery skills into their sessions.

During the two days, 240 Year 8 and 9 students have attended the sessions filling N6 with exciting food science.

Our students have:

- set sugar alight to explore its energy content

- denatured proteins by using acids, heat and physical action - making mozzarella

- learnt about the chemical structure of protein based foods

- learned about complex sugars, preservatives and 4 year pld apple pies!

- looked at the elasticity of gluten

- made Butternut Squash Pizza Swirls

- looked into the future by tasting sustainable proteins, eating bugs, crickets and mealworms!

Mrs Wilkinson said,

"It has been an explosive learning opportunity for our students who have engaged in all the activities with great enthusiasm. The event has launched the new Food Technology curriculum amazingly well giving students a great introduction to the science and nutrition elements. It truly has been a memorable couple of days."

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sugar explosion

Volunteer helpers

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