Bingley Grammar School

Forensics Workshops

Yesterday large groups of our Yr 8, Yr 9 and Yr 10 students took part in forensic science workshops run by Education Interactive.

The workshops aim to encourage a love of and a curiosity in science amongst students and show them how science plays an important role in the world outside the classroom.

Our presenter Alison Leck brought a real-to-life crime scene investigation to us and set up a series of forensic evidence experiments whilst leading the students through the case showing how chemistry, physics and biology can help to solve crimes. 

By running these workshops we hope to raise aspirations and demonstrate to students which careers could potentially be available through the study of STEM subjects; these careers include working in the Civil service, the Police service and private forensic companies. 

The workshops were an excellent vehicle to put science into context and our students benefitted enormously from the day asking probing questions and reaching complex conclusions based on the evidence provided.

For more information on Education Interactive and the workshops they run use the links below:



Twitter: @EduInteractive

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