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Food Science Kits

Our Food Science and Nutrition department have really missed being able to enjoy practical lessons with our students this year so they have put together home kits.

This term Year 7 and 8 have been learning and exploring the world of Food Science - many of our students ask 'what is Food Science?'

Food science is the study of the physical, biological, and chemical makeup of food; the causes of food deterioration; and the concepts underlying food processing. 

A few weeks ago students were asked to sign up for our 'Food science you eat kit' including everything they need to conduct the candy crystal experiment from home. These kits have now all been handed out to the students - those at home will have their kits given to them on their return.

Whilst conducting the experiment students are learning about growing their very own edible candy crystals from a supersaturated solution. They will be able to watch their candy crystals grow as they learn the science behind sugar solutions and sugar crystal formation.

Mrs Wilkinson said,

"We hope everyone is enjoying using the kits and we would love to see photos from their experiments as soon as they are ready!"

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Food Science Home Kit