Bingley Grammar School

Food Bug Club

Yesterday students in Years 7, 9 and 10 were treated to a visit from Manchester University's Food Bug Club.

Dr Caroline Millman, a STEM Ambassador and research associate at Manchester University, based the sessions around microorganisms, food preparation and hygine.

Dr Caroline discussed food poisoning outbreaks which have been in the news and different kinds of bacteria. Dr Caroline also explained the scientific reasons behind the importance of the 4Cs (food Chilling, Cooking, Cleaning and Cross-contamination) and applied this back to real life situations.

The groups then took part in 4 activities:

- Microbiological (bacteria/virus) top trumps

- Designing their own super-bug

- The Food Safety Challenge (a Watch-&-Click video test)

- Washing their hands with a difference!

Students were given a 'simulated germs' lotion to rub onto their hands and were asked to give their hands a quick wash. Their hands were then put under an ultraviolet light to show how many of the germs remained on their skin.

The students were really engaged and enthusiastic during the sessions and some interesting questioning and discussions took place throughout the day.

Mrs Wilkinson said,

"It has been a pleasure to work with Manchester's Food Bug Club today. Dr Caroline has led engaging, exciting and informative sessions based around food poisoning bacteria. The students have been stretched and challenged whilst learning about real life outbreaks of food poisoning, for example did you know that Winston Churchill once escaped a fatal bout of salmonella food poisoning which killed his servant on a trip to East Africa!  Dr Caroline has also showed our students under ultra-violet light how bacteria can spread when washing hands. Food science and learning brought to life, what an amazing day. Many thanks to Dr Caroline and all of our students who have been great!"


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