Bingley Grammar School

Elizabethan Day

To celebrate our ongoing partnership with the RSC and bring the times of Shakespeare to life, last week we held an Elizabethan Day which was once again a huge success.

On Monday we welcomed Yr 5 children from Crossflatts, East Morton, Eldwick, Preistthorpe and Saltaire Primary Schools to join us for a day of Elizabethan experiences.

Despite the weather last Monday, we managed to lay on a wonderful event full of drama, art and activities from Shakespearean times.

This was our third Elizabethan Day where we invited 260 students to join us from local Primary schools.

Drama workshops went on all day with scenes from Macbeth being brought to life. These classes were run by our RSC trained staff aided by our Year 10 GCSE Drama students. The children really engaged with the scenes; their portrayals of the witches were terrifying and the fight scene freeze frames looked amazing!

The children also enjoyed Archery, Falconry and a Jousting show bringing Shakespearean times to life.

Bingley students from Years 7-9 joined the Primary children to watch the Knights of Nottingham put on a great show with fantastic displays of swordsmanship and jousting. The students all got behind the 'good' knight, booing and jeering at the 'bad' knight.

The day was a cross curricular success bringing History, English Literature and Drama together celebrating Elizabethan times and Shakespearean plays.

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