Bingley Grammar School

The Easter Concert

Last Thursday our talented musicians and singing groups took to the stage to entertain family and friends at our annual Easter Concert.

There was a real mix of genres played on the night from classical pieces and jazz, through to contemporary rock and pop. The event was expertly hosted by two of our GCSE Music students, Oscar Harrison and Henry Stansfield in Year 10.

The evening began with students from our Vocale group singing solos as our audience found their seats. This was followed by our Chamber Orchestra playing ‘007 Through the Years’ a medley of James Bond theme songs including Gold Finger and Live and Let Die.

Year 7 student Charlotte Noras, having only begun playing the drums at the beginning of this year, played a drum solo entitled Hoe Down by H.Thomas.

The Saxophonics group played a 'Jazztet Series' by R. Perrin, followed by Yr 10 Oscar Harrison who played a high energy drum solo of 'Thrown' by Bring Me The Horizon. 

The Electric Guitar Ensemble played the theme tune to Peter Gunn, arranged by our guitar teacher, Mr Marks and our Saxaphone Quartet played 'Sax in the City' by C. Crabb

Our audience were treated to a string duet of 'Aria' arranged by M. Magatagan followed by an eery piece played by the Clarinet Ensemble featuring music from the Harry Potter films by J. Williams.

Just before the interval a member of the Vocal group sang a pitch perfect 'You Got the Love' by Florence and the Machine.

During the interval the Vocale group entertained the audience whilst refreshments were served. 

The String Quartet opened the second half with Quartet no.4's 1st Movement by Mozart which was contrasted by Millie’s Band's fantastic 'Jesus of Surburbia' By Greenday.

Zara Hunter from Year 8 sang a great solo of 'Ain’t Nobody Love me Better' by F. John which was followed by the Swing band playing 'You Got a Friend in Me' by R. Newman and a fantastic Saxophone Solo by Yr 10 Anna Hart who played 'Ballad' by K. Degg.

Our Bass Clarinet Trio were praised by their music teacher for their amazing talent and level of ability telling the audience how he was able to play more complex pieces with the group. The trio played the Sorcerer's Apprentice arranged by group member Beatrice Overend in Year 12.

A newly formed band in Yr 7, the  Marrone Eagles, played a fantastic version of 'Peggy Sue' by Buddy Holly which was followed by our whole Vocal group singing Queen's 'Who Wants to Live Forever' and Ceelo Green's 'Forget You' both arranged by our vocal coach Mr Sykes.

Finally the evening was rounded off with a loud, high energy performance by Drumline performing 'Different Strokes' by Mr Lewalski, our drumming teacher.

It really was a fantastic evening and we would like to thank all our instumental staff and students who run these music groups and dedicate many hours to practice.

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