Bingley Grammar School

Students whip up a storm with Mrs Wentling

Last week 20 students from years 7-10 participated in Mrs Wentling’s after school Easter Masterclass.

The lucky group quickly picked up the art, although they were instructed by our resident “Meringue Master” and her awesome assistant Toby Hammond!

The course ran over two consecutive evenings, with the group creating the meringue nests on the first and decorating them the following day.

All students created a fantastic Pavlova, using their new skills and “sweet” decorations. Attendees also used the opportunity to learn about how eggs are used functionally for cookery, so it wasn’t purely fun and games!

Head of Food Technology Mrs Wilkinson said;

"I am always amazed at the commitment and dedication students show when attending cookery clubs at Bingley Grammar School. Students have an opportunity to have fun and create products with a seasonal feel however at the same time there is always a very high degree of skill and learning involved. They are amazing ambassadors for my subject. If you are reading this and have not yet experienced a 'Wentling' Masterclass get involved!"

Story edited by Lauren Haslam, Yr 10

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