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East Morton Science Week

As part of East Morton Primary School's Science Week our Science department invited Years 5 and 6 into school to perform some experiments.

Mr Allen and Miss Cane talked to students about Acids and Alkalis and students were excited to get experimenting, and in particular, to use our bunsen burners!

The students conducted a series of experiments looking at indicators and whether each indicator created the same colour when added to household acids and alkalis.

Students donned their protective goggles and heated pieces of beetroot up in a water solution to extract the juices. The groups found out that beetroot goes yellow in alkalis, whereas turmeric goes red.

Our budding scientists then used universal indicator to make as many colours as possible with different amounts and mixtures of the two solutions.

At the end of the session students were shown how chemical reactions can release energy and power a rocket!

We always love welcoming Primary students into school and we hope the rest of East Morton's Science Week goes with a bang!

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05 East Morton Science

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