Bingley Grammar School

Primary Baking with Mrs Puddy

Yesterday a group of Yr 5 children from East Morton Primary spent the morning baking and decorating Triple Choc Cookies with Mrs Puddy.

The group learnt new skills such as 'rubbing in', using an oven, food hygiene and washing up!

The cookies looked and smelled delicious - the group concentrated so hard to follow Mrs Puddy's instructions and we hope their families enjoyed eating them as much as the children enjoyed making them. 

Last week the children made roasted vegetables and BBQ Chicken with cheese wraps where Mrs Puddy taught them chopping skills and how to use a knife safely as well as more food hygiene and washing up - very useful at home!

These cookery classes are always great fun and offer the Primary children an opportunity to use our facilities whilst getting a taste of life at an upper school. We offer all our local Primary schools the opportunity to bring groups to bake with Mrs Puddy - East Morton will be bringing another group over the next few weeks and we are looking forward to welcoming Trinity All Saints in June.

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