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Dr Mwangi visits Bingley Grammar School

Last week we welcomed Dr Mwangi into school from the Kenyan Ministry of Education. We are proud to be working with Dr Mwangi and Mr Phil Hawkins from PiXL International to create the PiXL Kenya partnership.

During the summer break Mr Parapia visited Nairobi with Mr Phil Hawkins from PiXL International with a view to create PiXL Kenya.

Bingley Grammar School has been working with a number of Kenyan schools for 5 years now and we felt it would benefit them, as it has us, to become a part of the PiXL family.

PiXL is a partnership of over 1500 schools working together to achieve the highest outcomes for students and to improve their life chances - Bingley Grammar School has been a member of PiXL since 2014.

PiXL International has established PiXL hubs of schools working together both in Brazil and Tanzania, now PiXL International is re-shaping its model by partnering with UK PiXL schools, like Bingley Grammar, with links in developing countries.

Phil Hawkins said,

We were delighted to be approached by Bingley Grammar School who had a pre-existing link with Jamhuri High School in Nairobi, Kenya. Jamil Parapia, Associate Assistant Head Teacher at Bingley, has co-ordinated the link between the schools for several years. Building relationships must be at the heart of cross-cultural development and Jamil, having dual Kenyan/British citizenship, had paved the way - his father, Professor Liakat Parapia, was actually a former student at Jamhuri and joined us for the visit.”

During their visit to Kenya Mr Parapia and Mr Hawkins were fortunate to be welcomed by Dr. Lorna Mwangi, part of the Kenyan Education Ministry who facilitated the whole visit and were well received by Robert. N. M. Masese, the Kenyan Director General of Education.

This week, Bingley Grammar School has welcomed Dr.Mwangi and Mr Hawkins into school for more strategic discussions and lesson observations as well as training opportunities in the LORIC (PiXL Edge) scheme and various subject areas.

Dr Mwangi also joined Mr Hawkins at the PiXL main office and conference in London on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mr Hawkins said,

“A huge thanks to Bingley Grammar and we look forward to continuing the journey together in February 2018 as a team heads back to Nairobi for the next stage of training.” 

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