Bingley Grammar School

The Royal Marines Nutrition Experience

Onthe 5th and 6th July, Royal Marine chef Colour Sergeant Mike Beaton and Navy physical trainer, Andrea Marshall visited the Food and Nutrition Department to talk about energy balance and healthy diets.

As well as being a top class chef, Mike Beaton is a fully fledged Royal Marine Commando, having undergone the intensive 32-week training package required to become a member of the UK’s elite amphibious fighting force. As a result of his training, he has travelled the world and set up field kitchens wherever the marines have been serving, so he is not short of a story or two. He also gives new meaning to the phrase ’lunch on the run’, being able to knock up haute cuisine at a moment’s notice in sometimes arduous conditions.

Pupils learned how to cook a healthy and nutritious meal while finding out more about life in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. Andrea Marshall (a pt instructor) gave our students the chance to find out what a career in the forces is like as well as tasting ration packs currently being used by service personnel on operations. Students also received information on caffeinated/sugary drinks and its detrimental effect on young people.

Mrs Wilkinson said,

"The sessions were extremely engaging and fast paced learning about nutrition from a Drill Sergeant’s perspective. Our students were amazing as always and really appreciated the opportunity."

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