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Christian MJC Visits Yr 7

At the beginning of the month, budding pop star Christian MJC visited our Yr 7 to perform for them and deliver an important message.

Christian MJC is currently promoting his new single True Colours but also wanted to speak to our students about his own personal experiences at school and how students should deal with issues like bullying and cyberbullying, internet safety and discrimination.

Christian MJC spoke candidly about his own childhood and how he had been bullied as a child due to disability and illness. His experience, although terrible, taught him how to deal with bullying and he wanted to share his advice with young people. Christian MJC told Yr 7,

"The only person involved in bullying that should feel embarrassed is the bully not the victim. If you are being bullied speak out, don't hide it."

The Yr 7s joined in answering questions and giving suggestions on how to react to different challenging situations regarding discrimination and bullying.

Christian MJC also told our students about how he struggled at school due to a lack of motivation until he reached Yr 10 and his predicted GCSE grades gave him the wake up call he needed. He went on to concentrate fully on his studies and changed his attitude to school - by doing this he achieved success in his GCSE's and A-Levels and is now studying Biomedical Science at University College London (UCL).

We would like to thank Christian MJC for his time and Yr 7 had a great afternoon listening to him speak and perform.

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05 Christian MJC

04 Christian MJC