Bingley Grammar School

Lights Camera Action

We have had some very exciting visitors this week after a student in Yr 7 contacted CBBC!

Hopefully you will have all seen our whole school LipDub video which Mr Cook, assisted by sixth form student Declan Keeble organised and filmed at the end of last year.

After watching the Official Chart Show on CBBC one of our Yr 7 students Will Humphreys contacted the BBC by email asking them if our LipDub video could be shown on the program.

The producers were impressed by the video and got back in touch to arrange filming which took place on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. 200 of our Yr 7, 8 and 9 students and 4 members of staff were filmed lip syncing to three Little Mix songs. The producers were so impressed by our LipDub they took elements of our video and recreated them into their professional version.

The students had a great time and gained valuable experience during the filming. All students followed direction well and the Producer Millie Lloyd said each of our four main lip sync students were amazing and had very distinct personalities which came across brilliantly on camera.

Declan Keeble shadowed the 3 man film crew over the two days and assisted with various tasks including lighting. Declan plans to carry on with his interest in film by going on to do a degree in Media Production after finishing his A Levels this year.

Our new lipdub will be aired on CBBC on the Official Chart Show next Friday 6th May at 5:15pm. Well done to all those who took part – we can’t wait to see it!

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Day 1 filming T Block corridor 2

Day 2 filming BG corridor