Bingley Grammar School


British Science Week

To celebrate British Science Week last week, our Science department ran a series of special experiments in Years 7 and 8 science lessons.

This year's theme for British Science Week was 'Journeys', and Miss Cane devised 2 different experiments to link science to the real world.

Year 7 took part in the 'astro-nappy' experiment where students tested the absorbency of different materials. Astronauts in space have to wear nappies and the students were asked to decide which materials would be best for the job.

Year 8 undertook the ‘Squashed tomatoes’ packaging activity where teams of students were tasked to design and build a way of transporting tomatoes from A to B without dropping or bruising them. The groups used cardboard and packaging to fashion their transportation units which were tested on a pulley system for durability and tomato protection.

All the students enjoyed trying to devise solutions to real world and outer space problems.

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