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British Science Week Takeaway Experiment Kits

Even though Years 7, 8 and 9 aren't currently able to participate in science experiments in our labs, Mrs Humphreys and the Science department were determined to mark British Science Week this year.

Mrs Humphreys reports,

'To celebrate British Science Week, I invited Year 7, 8 and 9 to email me if they would like a Science Takeaway Kit.

The kits were put together in pizza boxes and included items to investigate diffusion, chromatography, pH and light mixing.

Once again, our students have amazed me with their enthusiasm and engagement with science. I have been inundated with photos of their experiments and lots of photos of their written work too. They have all been rewarded with points on Class Charts. 

It will be amazing when we can finally return to the science labs!!

Massive thanks to Mrs Waddington who put the beautiful instruction booklet together for me and also Mrs Wood and Mr Robinson for helping to pack and distribute the boxes.'

Our thanks go to Mrs Humphreys, Mrs Waddington, Mrs Wood and Mr Robinson for all their efforts and well done to our budding scientists who got stuck into the experiments and activities.

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