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British Science Week

British Science Week logo (1)This week is British Science Week (5th - 14th March). To help celebrate all things Science, Mrs Humphreys has been making up Science Takeaway Kits for students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Mrs Humphreys emailed students in Years 7-9 asking if they would like one of the Science kits to take home. Lots of students replied and 50 kits will be distributed next week when all our students are back in school. 

We would love to see photos of your home experiments and hope you enjoy taking part.

We have also been recommended a couple of Science events/programmes which Bradford University are involved with which you might enjoy:

Bradford Cafe Scientifique: a monthly event (currently online and bookable):

Research Matters: a radio programme which highlights research based in and important to Bradford, and the people doing it. It’s hosted by Professor Marcus Rattray, University of Bradford, with a new programme every four weeks. Research Bradford has a great research community, and the show features guest researchers who explain their research ideas and what they do in an accessible way. 

British Science week banner

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