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The Brilliant Club Virtual Graduation

On Thursday 29th April, our Year 8, 9 and 12 Brilliant Club students took part in a virtual graduation ceremony in recognition for all their hard work.

The groups worked on one of three different projects over the course of 8 weeks with our PhD tutors and wrote some fantastic assignments. The topics were ‘Why was there a French Revolution?’, ‘Disease Detectives’ and ‘The Writer at Work - Expatriate Voices in the Paris Review Interviews’. Ordinarily students would have visited the University of Leeds for their graduation but due to current restrictions the ceremony was conducted online.

Miss Pugh reports,

“The graduation began with a message of congratulations from the Brilliant Club CEO Anne-Marie Canning MBE and shout outs to all the schools in attendance, (we all cheered when Bingley was mentioned!) Next the chief envisioning officer gave a speech about what computers will do to our future careers saying “60% of our students will go into jobs that don’t even exist right now..!”

We were then put into break out rooms where we got to meet current university students and chat to them about their experience of university. They explained what A-Levels they did, how they chose their university and guided people through their budgets. This will have really helped our sixth formers who will have started their UCAS applications already.

Theodore in Year 8 asked a question about studying and free-time which was answered excellently by one of the Kings students! Also at this point 2 of our Year 8 students Juwayriyah and Sumaya gave a speech as ‘Spokescholars’. They both fought their nerves and did brilliantly!
Lastly, we had our graduation ceremony and our students received their certificates. When Bingley Grammar came on the screen there was lots of cheering and whooping. Everyone should be SO proud of what they have achieved this year, we are really impressed with their effort in tutorials and their final essays! The Scholars Programme always takes hard work and dedication but this year’s group have had the extra complication of the pandemic to deal with and have all shown amazing levels of resilience and determination in completing the programme.”

Well done to all our Brilliant Club students who really rose to the challenge and did some amazing work!

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