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BRI Teen Room Presentation from Architects' Gilling Dod

Earlier in the month, the Architect's in charge of designing and project managing the BRI's new hospital wing came into school to show our students how their ideas have been brought to life in the Adolescent room.

Gilling Dod Director Jo Kember and designer Georgia Lomax brought in design boards and visuals showing how they have taken our students mood boards and room designs and translated them into the finished room designs.

Last year a group of students spanning all year groups took part in several workshops with Gilling Dod and created themes, colour schemes and mood boards showing what they would want in the Adolescent Room (part of the BRI's new Children's Ward).

The Architects took our student's designs and ideas to show the board at the BRI and it was decided that the group had come up with such great ideas that Gilling Dod were given permission to run with them.

Jo and Georgia picked up on common themes from the students work, such as colour choices and textures. The students suggested interactive areas which have been used like the large black board wall and selfie wall where the patients can take selfies and leave notes for eachother. Also, the seating ideas our students selected have been used with oversized cushions and beanbags and low level sofas.

Originally our students were focussing on the design and look of the Adolescent Room but the designers were so impressed with the sophistication of our students work that their designs have influenced the whole of the Children's Wing.

The New Hospital Wing will be completed at the end of March and Dr Fraser and Gilling Dod have invited all our student interior designers to visit the wing and see their designs in reality and also see what a huge difference it will make to the children and young people who spend time there.

At the end of the presentation Gilling Dod presented each of our young designers with a certificate and thanked them for their help.

We have also been told their will be a plaque in the adolescent room thanking Bingley Grammar School for our help - well done to all those who have been involved in this rewarding project.

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