Bingley Grammar School

Bradford University Forensic Workshops

At the end of last month, we invited Bradford University's STEM team into school to carry out two workshops on analytical chemistry techniques.

Year 10 Scientists and Year 12 A Level Chemistry students took part in the Forensic Workshops to discover the cause of death of a murder victim.

They used some really high tech analytical techniques to analyse different substances including paracetamol and different poisons (right down to a molecular level!). The students were supported by three fantastic University teachers in using techniques including:

- Infrared (IR) spectroscopy

- NMR spectroscopy (similar to an MRI scanner)

- Spectrophotometry.

This was a unique opportunity for the students to be really inspired, stretched and challenged whilst using equipment usually only found in University science departments. The NMR machine is a new 'mini' version of a machine normally the size of a phonebox, and the IR machine even contained a flawless £8,000 diamond in it!

Both groups were really involved and produced some excellent work in identifying the culprit!

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