Bingley Grammar School

Ethos_3Bingley Students to the Rescue

On Thursday 29th April we were contacted by a very proud parent to let us know how a group of our students helped an elderly gentleman in need - they really stepped up and proved how caring and capable they are!

We delayed releasing this good news as we wanted to check the gentleman who fell was OK – thank you to Mrs Phillips who found out for us that he is fine and back at home, which is great news.

Whilst waiting to be collected by their parent, Harry (Yr 11) and Annie Phillips (Yr 7) and Abbie Birch also in Year 11 saw a man fall in Myrtle park. The group rushed to help with Harry calling his mum to get help. Before Mrs Phillips could get to them two more of our students, Hadiya Malik and Isobel Tullet, both in Year 9, saw what was going on and called an ambulance.

Mrs Phillips said,

“Abbie got on the floor with the man and made a pillow for his head with her coat. Harry took off his jumper and helped to keep the man warm. Annie, in Year 7 was understandably upset but stood with Abbie and Harry the whole time and Hadiya directed the ambulance in. I am absolutely blown away by the caring and mature attitude of these wonderful students. They kept the man safe and comfortable and got him the help. When I arrived they were all with the man and were all calm, I was there when the ambulance arrived and they very maturely gave their account of what happened. These students are an absolute credit to their parents and to Bingley Grammar School.”

We are so grateful our students were there to help and are extremely proud of their actions – well done to all involved!

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