Bingley Grammar School

BGS Mock EU Referendum

All week our staff have been talking with their classes about the EU debate.

Miss Shah provided resources from First News, a newspaper aimed at children and teenagers to give students more information about the leave and remain campaigns.

It was great to see students engaging with the debate, joining in discussions and asking questions to help them decided how to vote. Students were given a ballot paper to vote in form groups this morning and the results are in!

We had just under 1000 votes cast by staff and student and the results are: Bingley Grammar School has voted to remain in the EU with 72% voting to remain and 28% to leave.

The whole purpose of our mock referendum was to engage young people with politics and give them an understanding of issues that will affect them in the future. We also hope to encourage students to use their democratic right to vote when they are 18.

Miss Shah would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part and to staff who assisted with the ballot.

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