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Arek Hersh Visits Year 7

On Tuesday 7th May, Holocaust survivor Arek Hersh and his wife Jean Hersh gave a talk to Year 7 students about his life.

The students heard Arek's harrowing story and were shocked at what he went through as an 11 year old boy during WWII.

Arek spoke in great detail about his time in Auschwitz and the death trains and how his entire family (81 members) was wiped out by the Nazis. Arek was liberated by the Russian Army in 1945 after which he was brought to live in the Lake District with 300 other Jewish children by the British consulate.

Our students listened respectfully and asked questions at the end including whether or not, after his terrible experiences, Arek still believed in God.

Students were then given an opportunity to ask Arek questions and purchase a copy of his autobiography 'A Detail of History'

Prior to Arek's visit, Miss Shah set a competition for students to enter, the prize being an opportunity to have a kosher lunch with Arek and Jean. Students had to design a poster explaining what respect meant to them. Arek and Jean were very impressed with the entries.

The competition winners enjoyed the meal and chatting with Arek and Jean. Arek particularly enjoyed speaking in Polish with Abigail in Yr 7. Some members of the Archbishop of York Young leaders award also joined the meal as well as some of our Year 11's who have attended Arek and Jean's talks previously and wanted to say hello to them!

Miss Shah said,

"We are so grateful to Arek and Jean for taking the time to visit Bingley Grammar and our students. We are very privileged for the continued kindness that they show to our school community."

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