Bingley Grammar School

Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award

Since the beginning of the school year, Miss Shah has been working with a group of students towards their Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award.

Yr 8 Group webThe award was set up by the Archbishop of York to change the perception of young people and offer experience and opportunities. There are 3 sections which make up the award:

FAITH - students are asked to look at key people of faith, what they believe in and how they use it to make a change in their communities.

HOPE - students then look at their communities and think how they can get involved in social action groups or make a change for the better within the community.

ACTION - finally the students are asked to take action, get involved and make a difference.

Students are asked to undertake a personal challenge, a school community challenge and a whole community challenge.

The overall ethos of the award is to "Be the change you want to see"

So far, Miss Shah's Year 7 and 8 group have studied several people of faith who have made an impact in the world including Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Bear Grylls, Bethany Hamilton and Malala Yousafzai. They are now working towards getting involved in community and school projects.

As part of the Award, over the last few weeks, 12 of our 15 students (those old enough) have been trained to become Ambassadors for the Anne Frank and You Exhibition at the Kala Sangham centre in Bradford. Well done to all those taking part - we look forward to visiting the Anne Frank exhibition in school in April.

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