Bingley Grammar School

Antibiotics Awareness Week

This week has been World Antibiotic Awareness Week and our Science department has been raising awareness through competitions and experiments.

To do this the department has been running a form group competition throughout the week. Students have been asked to track down the teachers and find out whether they (as antibiotics) can kill their microbe - students then filled in the sheet by putting a big red cross through the teachers (microbes) they think antibiotics can kill. Correct and completed entries will earn house points and there will also be prizes for winning forms!

Last week the Year 9 students took part in 'I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here', an online event that enables school students to have informal chats with scientists in an online environment. It is an X factor style competition where the students vote for their favourite scientist. Our students took part in the Microbial zone to tie in with the Antibiotics theme. The students asked the scientists, who work in the microbe industry (making vaccines and antibiotics) lots of questions about their work, and voted for their favourite scientist to win a prize of £500 to put towards continuing their research.

This week Year 8 students have been getting stuck in testing a range of mock antibiotics on 'infected' agar plates to figure out what disease each patient has and to see if the antibiotics have an effect on them. 

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