Bingley Grammar School

Antibiotics Awareness Week

To raise awareness of Antibiotics Awareness Week Miss Cane opened up one of the science labs on Monday lunchtime to run a series of experiments showing students how bacteria and antibiotics work.

Students were amazed at how quickly bacteria can develop after being shown bacteria ‘grown’ on swabs taken from various everyday objects 24 hours before the session. Swabs were taken from a mobile phone, a desk, a pen, a door handle and a keyboard. The cultures grown shocked the students who decided to wash their hands more often and use antibacterial wipes on their phones!

Students also took part in the ‘dirty hands’ experiment. The students applied Glitterbug Potion lotion (fake bacteria) to their hands and then using a UV light, were able to see the 'bacteria' glowing under the lamp. They then washed their hands as well as they could with water only to see how much bacteria had been washed off. Students also tried using antibacterial gel to see if it was as effective as soap and water.

Also this week there has been a 'virus hunt' in school. 12 members of staff in all faculties have been wearing ‘disease lanyards’ which the students have been tasked with finding during their breaks and lunch times – our students have enjoyed hunting for the teachers and finding out more about each disease and whether antibiotics would be effective to cure them.

Lastly our Year 8 students have taken part this week in 'I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here', an online event that enables school students to have informal chats with scientists in an online environment. It is an X factor style competition where the students vote for their favourite scientist. Our students took part in the Epidemic zone to tie in with the Antibiotics theme. The students asked the scientists, who work in the microbe industry (making vaccines and antibiotics) lots of questions about their work, and voted for their favourite scientist to win a prize of £500 to communicate their work with the public.

Miss Cane hopes that all our students enjoyed the activities and now understand the differences between bacterial infections and viruses, and when antibiotics should be used.

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